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New Home in Carolina Beach

1517 Searay Ln is just getting underway, it will be the Aruba Plan by Dutch Built Homes, which is a brand new never before built design, and is currently listed for $359k here: Details for this listing here It is a 3br/2.5ba home with a 2.5 car garage. The master is located on the main level, and features large custom tile shower, trey ceilings, dual vanity, and his/hers separate closets.

The location is only a few blocks to the ocean, but is out of the flood zone (no flood insurance needed) and is an area of newer homes and undeveloped parcels. The interactive map below shows our projects we are working on or have planned, you can zoom in and out, scroll around to see proximity to features like how every street dead ends at a public beach access, and you can also see our other three projects at 1508, 1510, and 1512 Searay Ln:

Clearing 1517 Searay Ln:

After we had our surveyor locate and pin the corners at this new home in Carolina Beach, at 1517 Searay Ln, we typically walk the lot and inspect the corners and property lines to see if there are any issues. In this case, there weren’t, we also use this time to look for possible trees to keep.

We always get excited at the start of new projects, especially when there is heavy equipment involved. Who doesn’t love big pieces of heavy equipment tearing stuff apart?

Below is a video of the clearing, there was one tree in particular that didn’t want to come out, but it succumbed to the power of the excavator.

(I say send you back in time in the intro because I actually taped the intro a week later than the clearing took place, and the Youtube channel has them out of order)

The clearing took about a day and a half to complete 100%, it was mostly done in the first day, with a few loads left to haul off and some root mat removal left for the following day, and taking a few more hours.

We always try to see if any trees can be saved on the lot, in this case there was only one very small oak on the front right, that I still may have to remove after getting the pilings installed and seeing it’s location to the front porch. I do plan to install some trees across the back of the property, and a palm or two in the front.

Fill and Grade

Next up is filling the lot and grading it to get it at a proper level for drainage and close to the same as neighboring properties. This lot was fairly well wooded and shrubbed, so when my grading contractor removed the root systems, we needed to fill back in with some fill dirt.

We ordered 8 loads, which worked out nicely until I can get the slab formed and see where we are. This part took one day to complete.

Below is a short video of before and during the fill/grading portion of  this new home being built in Carolina Beach.


After we shot this video my grading contractor, Satterfield Siteworx, informed me of a stump they couldn’t remove because of it’s proximity to underground power lines at the neighbor’s home. The stump was really close to the property line and the underground lines that typically run 36″ below grade to provide power service to the structure. We decided to get a stump grinding contractor to remove it, which was done by the time I returned the following day.

Always call before you dig, no matter where you live there is typically a toll free number to call and get a free locate of utility lines underground. The power line in question wasn’t on our property, but it was obvious where it was located because the electric meter was right there. No need to chance anything like that, the stump grinding worked great and you can’t even tell there used to be a stump there.

Cleared and graded; Below are a few images before/after the lot was cleared and graded:

Piling Installation:

Next up, install pilings. The Aruba design isn’t built on an entire piling system, but utilizes a few for some design features. For example, on the front, we designed a covered front porch where you drive under it to enter the right side of the garage.

Shown in the 3D architectural rendering below, the pilings will be part of a support system to hold not only the deck, but the roof over it.

new home carolina beach by dutch built homes

Some homes in this area are built looking like this but are on a complete piling system, since we have the garage underneath, a piling system wasn’t needed.

In addition to the two front pilings for the front porch area, there are 4 additional pilings in the back. As you can see from the image below, there are six total pilings, with the four in the rear because there is a covered patio designed off the back of the garage. There will also be an outdoor shower somewhere back there (location to be determined later).

new home in carolina beach piling locations

Outdoor living is a big part of living on the NC coast, so we are trying to add as many outdoor friendly features as we can to our homes. The front porch, the rear deck (spans the entire width of the home, 35′), covered patio behind garage, and the outdoor shower are all part of that type of design vision.

Below is a video of the installation of these six pilings. I have used this crew for probably 100 piling installations, and the owner of the company actually just built his home less than a block away from here.

That’s it! Pilings are installed (below is a pic of it).

new home in carolina beach piling installed


What’s Next?

I met with my concrete contractor today (pilings were installed yesterday) and laid out the slab work with him. Again, this is another contractor I have used for well over 100 projects, and they do a great job. So, next up is:

  • Form the slab
  • Install plumbing in slab
    • Inspect Plumbing
  • Prep/rebar for slab
    • Inspect Slab/Rebar in footings
  • Pour concrete

These will all be the topic of our next article, until then, make sure to find us on our social networks:

Twitter: @DutchBuilt

Facebook: Dutch Built Homes

Google+: Dutch Built NC

Youtube: Dutch Built Homes

Keith Bloemendaal

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Keith is the founder and owner of Dutch Built Homes, LLC. He has been in the construction industry for well over 25yrs and has a passion for building homes that are practical and eco friendly.

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