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This new home in Carolina Beach at 1517 Searay Ln is now framed and dried in. The Aruba Plan is coming along nicely and at the time of this writing the plumbing. HVAC, and electric are scheduled/being roughed in.

After getting pilings installed, the next move was to form the area the slab was to be poured, install underground plumbing, prep the slab, then pour the slab. Below is the first video I recorded talking about forming the slab before the plumber installed the underground lines.

Underground Plumbing

Next up, the underground plumbing gets done by our plumbers, Rural Plumbing. For this plan, the garage is the only thing on the ground level, all that was needed was one 3″ drain line, and a 3/4″ PEX main water line. This home has 2 meters because we plan on installing an irrigated yard and it saves money on the water bill by putting it on it’s own meter (you don’t have to pay sewer charges on that meter).


1517 Searay Ln new home underground plumbing image.

Once the plumbing inspection passed, the concrete crew returned to complete forming the slab and prep it for inspection. This includes the plastic covering and the rebar in the footings. This video below is a quick one of me heading to the jobsite to check the inspection, then I follow this some shots of the prepped slab work.

The inspection hadn’t happened at this point, but about two hours later I got a call from the inspector saying it passed but he was concerned about pouring it in the cold snap we were in. We weren’t going to have a day above freezing for a week, which is unusual for this part of North Carolina, and as I stated in the video, it’s too cold for this beach bum!

About a week later, we were back in the 50’s and the slab was poured.

Framing at 1517 Searay Ln

After the slab was poured, the framing package was delivered, and within a few days the framers were at it. Unfortunately, I had to be out of town most of that first week for continuing education, but these guys did a great job and had it framed up the trusses installed by the time I returned on Thursday. Below is some video of that.

As of this writing, the windows and doors have been installed and the plumbing was roughed in on the inside. In the next article(s) we will do a walk through of the home at this stage and discuss some of the layout and features of the Aruba at 1517 Searay Ln, we also have a video discussing the next few homes we are about to start, including a pre-sold Aruba home across the street.

Thanks for reading/watching, and please feel free to comment/share below!

Keith Bloemendaal

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